The Model Futures OWL Editor

OWL is the W3C’s Web Ontology Language. Model Futures have developed a free OWL Editor Tool. The editor is tree-based and has a “navigator” tool for traversing property and class-instance relationships. It can import XMI (the interchange format for UML) and Thesaurus Descriptor (BT-NT XML), and EXPRESS XML files. It can export to MS Word. The software runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The current build is Click on the thumbnail below for a screenshot:

Screenshot of OWL Editor

Legal Stuff:
The OWL Editor is offered without warranty or license. The software is still undergoing testing (i.e. it’s a Beta release), and may have bugs which could cause damage or loss of data. By clicking the button below, you agree to use the Model Futures OWL Editor at your own risk. As with all Beta software, we strongly recommend you backup any files before editing them.

If you have understood and agreed the terms of use for the OWL Editor, you can download it here

The Editor is a simple Windows executable (zipped) and requires no installation or registration. If you wish to be kept informed of updates, please mail us