Software Downloads

The Model Futures OWL Editor – A free OWL editing tool capable of working with very large OWL files (such as Cyc). Also provides extensive import and export functionality.

IDEAS Ontology Add-IN for Sparx EA Please note this is BETA software, and you’ll be testing it for bugs.

Excel SKOS Exporter A simple tool for exporting SKOS files from indented Excel™ spreadsheets. An example spreadsheet is also provided. BETA RELEASE FOR TESTING.

MOD Ontology Demonstrator – developed by Model Futures for MOD to show how an ontology can be used to de-conflict multiple sources of information (in this case NATO, ISO, FIPS, etc. country codes). The demonstrator uses the Model Futures Desktop Ontology Engine, and was developed in less than 10 days (once the data had all be collated and analysed !).

Open Calais™ Demonstrator – Simple Open Calais client with a geo-political slant. Open Calais is a semantic entity extraction service provided by Thomson Reuters™. In this demonstrator, we use the Open Calais service to extract semantic information from simple text. This can be presented in RDF, simple XML, or on Google Maps™ if there is geo information present.

Most of these software apps work straight out of the box on standard Windows installations. If you have any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Customer Documents

IER Analysis in MODAF
A paper outlining the preferred approach for IER development. This has been released as an early deliverable from the MODAF Primer project for public comment.

EA Maturity Dashboard This paper describes a simple way of presenting the level of maturity of an organisation’s Enterprise Architecture, based on the Zachman Framework ™. This paper was originally written for Cornwell Management Consulting plc.

White Papers

EA Maturity Dashboard.pdf [118.06units_k]
This paper outlines a simple way of presenting the level of maturity of an organisation's Enterprise Architecture, based on the Zachman Framework (TM). This paper was originally written for Cornwell Management Consulting plc.

Enterprise Ontologies.pdf [387.42units_k]
Book Chapter from Springer Publication "Intelligence Based Systems Engineering".

MOD CIO - Service Analysis Report - v1.3.pdf [975.43units_k]
A study commissioned by the UK MOD CIO's dept. looking at how the various standards treat services and service-oriented architecture.

modaf_and_ssm_v1_0.pdf [503.67units_k]
A white paper examining how the concepts in Soft Systems map onto the MOD Architecture Framework (MODAF)

SimpleGuideToEA.pdf [112.98units_k]
A Simple Guide to Enterprise Architecture. Describing the basics of EA, and the key enablers to successful EA projects.

Spectrum Architecture v1_1.pdf [1.68units_m]
Produced for MOD CIO-J6 in response to CCEB's request to investigate EA approaches to spectrum management

Cutter Consortium:

A Forensic Approach to Information Systems Development – an article taking a critical look at the way systems are currently developed and suggesting that a more forensic approach may be better in most cases.

Book Chapter:

Enterprise Ontologies: Better Models of Business Link publisher’s website

Conference Presentations

MOD Ontology Slides
Presented at the NATO Ontology Workshop in March 2008

EKIG08-IanBailey-ApplyingAFormalOntologyApproachInGovt .pdf [1.18units_m]
Applying a Formal Ontology Approach in Government - presented at the EKIG Conference, Shrivenham, Oct 2008

Intro to MODAF v1_2.pdf [1.16units_m]
Introduction to MODAF v1.2. Presentation given at the IET in London in Sept 2008.

Ontology & Enterprise Architecture.pdf [678.29units_k]
Presented at EAC Conference 2007, London and at TOGAF Conference, London 2007

Taxonomy and Ontology powerpoint97-03.ppt [1.71units_m]
Taxonomy and Ontology slides presented at UK TIPS Meeting

Working with Extensional Ontology for Defence Applications - FINAL.pdf [317.17units_k]
A paper accepted by the OIC 2009 conference. Due to a diary clash, this paper was never presented.