Stuff We Like - A community website for ISO15926 implementers. ISO15926 is an ontology for data integration developed by the process industry. (Ontology)

BORO Methodology - A methodology for re-engineering legacy data into a formal ontology (Ontology)

Charlie Brooker - A savage attack on Macs... (Rant)

Clay Shirky - No new stuff on his site since 2003, but it's still entertaining. Look out for <a href="">"Ontology is Overrated"...</a> (Enterprise Architecture)

Driv.vle - This like, totally rocks in a really old school way, but it's on a case-by-case basis at the end of the day. (Rant)

IDEAS Group - An international effort to develop an ontology for Enterprise Architecture interoperability (Ontology)

Integrated Enterprise Architecture - A conference and journal for EA professionals (Enterprise Architecture)

LINC - A company specialising in logistic information management (Enterprise Architecture)

Matthew West's Papers - Matthew is an expert on 4D ontology and has written some interesting stuff (Ontology)

Mealy's 1967 Paper on Ontology - Since which time, it seems thinking in computer science has gone backwards, not forwards. (Ontology) - The community site for MODAF users. (Enterprise Architecture)

Ontolog Portal - Useful information source for all things ontological (Ontology)

Own Gig - Allows you to vote for the band you want to see - if it gets enough votes, they arrange the gig for you. At last...a web 2.0 application that actually does something other than online gossip. (Web 2.0)

SABSA - The Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture - an EA approach to security (Security)

The Citadel Project - Rory Cleland is based out of Adelaide, Australia and is doing some very interesting research around applying EA principles to the legal industry. (Enterprise Architecture)

The Register - A great source of news in the IT and defence industries...with a healthy dollop of sarcasm. (News)